Bitcoin is protection from your government.

Your government is stealing from you.

You can’t see it, but you can feel it. You feel it at grocery stores, when you travel, when you can’t take a day off work because you only get a week of vacation per year, when you go out on date night, when its just a stop for a drink.

Where you live needs to be held accountable and this is how we all do it together. Bitcoin may never replace gold or USD, but it will make it more honest.

When more USD is printed, stocks, real estate and Bitcoin (aka assets) will go up in value. But only one of those is absolutely finite. The only one that is trustless, immutable and decentralized from control.

As Bitcoin continues to go up in value, populations will ultimately come to learn what happened with fiat currency debasement and understand it through Bitcoin.

Those who already understand this get to know they are living a conscious life while so many others walk around not enjoying the freedom that holding the knowledge of Bitcoin gives you.

I’m not against government spending and budgets but I am against government abuse of power and from all indications it’s going to continue.

Good luck out there.

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