Bitcoin is the AOL of the cryptocurrency revolution

Bitcoin was the first, made all the fuss, attracted all the attention - then was crippled by blockstream to a point where it was not able to advance with technology to support a growing need for transaction throughput in an attempt to pull the wool over the community and sell some centralized garbage 2nd layer lightning network and sell the idea that its a "store of value". The "value" of a cryptocurrency is in the name - crytpo - currency -- secure money. If you can't USE it , it has no value.

Oh well - too bad. The bankers' technical understanding is still falling behind on this but once they realize the practical roadblocks of this sabotaged platform, they will navigate to the more flexible and resilient platform available that has more support for various use cases.

Remember how people were excited about applications like "streaming money" - try that with bitcoin.... lolz.

I used to think there will be a clear winner but watching the internet from infancy its clear that this will be a series of waves, and with each one a contender will emerge as the most fit to handle each particular set of needs.. Bitcoins chance has come and gone, like the role AOL played to get people on the internet - then Yahoo, Google, social media etc... all rise and fall from grace and this too will probably shift - guessing when is the hard part

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