DCA Strategy to jump back in

I have a very small amount of BTC on Coinbase from over the years. I want to “turn on” investing in BTC again. I am in the process of diving into learning and trying to really understand all there is to know. I’m viewing this as another bucket for retirement. I want to set it and forget it — HODL! In my early 30s so not opposed to some risk, but I like calculated risks. I want to DCA (probably weekly) to purchase BTC only. I’ll probably start with $100-200 monthly.

I think my approach below is good but would like to get other thoughts/opinions/suggestions. I’m trying to not over complicate it. Thanks in advance!

1) Open an account on Strike and purchase BTC there. (Really went between River, Swan, Strike — landed on strike for lowest fees).

2) Transfer to cold storage when I reach a certain amount. Any advice on how much to build up before transferring to Trezor? Between ColdCard and Trezor, but I think Trezor is enough for what I’m looking to do right now.

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