NOSTR (Notes and Other Things Transmitted by Relays)

Bitcoin is showing one of its most awesome use cases of money on a new open source freedom of speech protocol called NOSTR. Unlike Reddit, Twitter and other social media companies, NOSTR is completely decentralized run off relays storing info spun up by users, replacing the need for centralized Social media. I currently run a relay through the Umbrel App Store app.

Whats great is that NOSTR allows users to “zap” content creators which means send a Lightning payment, typically under 1000 sats as a “like” or to support creators. We like to post memes and send each other money with no intermediaries. An amazing feat only possible with Bitcoin as the money layer and Nostr as the speech layer.

NOSTR gives you a public/private key when you sign up which can be used to login to many diifferent client apps like Damus (Twitter competitor on iOS), Amethyst (Twitter competitor on android), Wavlake (web based decentralized SPOTIFY), and more! Just like a bitcoin private key, you want to store this somewhere offline.

As our governments start to restrict Social media companies from allowing freedom of speech, we need to all think about making a move over to where our freedoms arent infringed.

Use hash tags #plebchain #bitcoin and #asknostr if you have any questions!

Edit: NOSTR stands for Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays**

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